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LASIK eye surgery


​Become glasses free with LASIK.
LASIK eye surgery can sharpen your eyesight with microscopic precision and is remarkably quick and effective over the years.

Cataract eye surgery


Eliminate your dependence on glasses​.
Cataract surgery is one of the greatest "medical miracles," and is ​improving the quality of life for millions of Americans every year.

The Eye Center's Eye Exam


Routine ​exams are the looking glass to​ eye disease.
The Eye Center's comprehensive approach to eye care includes routine, eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses.


Laser-Guided Cataract Surgery Delivers a Bonus
Laser surgery has long been the gold standard in cataract treatment, enabling doctors to quickly and effectively restore vision without requiring a lengthy hospital stay. A relatively new development in this procedure enables doctors to not only correct cataracts, but eyesight as well. Read More

The Eye Center Offers Cutting-Edge Glaucoma, Cataracts Treatment
The Eye Center is pleased to announce it is now offering a new treatment option for adult patients who suffer from cataracts and glaucoma both. The smallest-ever medical device approved by the FDA effectively controls eye pressure, helping glaucoma patients reduce dependency on costly, inconvenient eye drops. Read More

Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects: What Patients Need to Know
LASIK eye surgery is the gold standard for providing patients with a dependency on corrective lenses a permanent vision fix. While this procedure has been tried and tested for years, providing tremendous results for many, it isn’t without its share of potential side effects. Although complications are generally quite rare, the doctors at The Eye Center stress that patients should understand all the potential outcomes before making the decision to undergo surgery. Read More


  • Are There Side Effects to LASIK?

    Feb 02, 2016
    • lasik
    Laser eye surgery is considered safe and effective, but with any medical procedure, there could be potential side effects (though complications are extremely rare). If you are considering LASIK, it’s important that you and your eye surgeon carefully discuss the potential risks.
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