3 Things to Know About Laser Cataract Surgery

Columbia, S.C – People who are diagnosed with cataracts in one or both eyes are likely to feel just a little intimidated by the only known remedy for this condition that can lead to blindness if left to its own devices. Surgical intervention, after all, is something most would prefer to avoid. In the case of cataracts, that may simply not be avoidable. There is good news, however, in that modern, laser surgery provides patients with many benefits those diagnosed only a few decades ago did not enjoy.

“Laser surgery has dramatically improved the treatment process for this once devastating eye disease,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “What once involved hospitalization and a long surgical procedure is now performed on an outpatient basis.”
Cataracts arise when the eye’s natural lens begins to cloud over or turn yellow. Although often associated with age, cataracts may also result from injury. In some cases, children are born with the condition. If left unchecked, the clouding may cause permanent blindness. The only cure is the complete removal and replacement of the damaged lens.

“Laser techniques enable eye surgeons to quickly and effectively address cataract-damaged lenses,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “This procedure is very easy for patients to tolerate and has a tremendously high success rate.”

Here are a few things the doctors want people to know about this alternative to the surgical procedures once performed:

  • Laser surgery takes only minutes an eye – While patients will need to report to the surgical facility to prepare, the actual procedure only takes a few minutes an eye. During the procedure, doctors remove the cataract-damaged lens and replace it with a synthetic intraocular lens. This lens may include a patient’s prescription, which may enable patients to avoid the need for glasses after surgery.
  • Laser surgery is not painful – Most patients report only a little bit of pressure and discomfort during laser cataract surgery.
  • Laser surgery has an incredibly fast recovery time – Most patients are back at their normal routines within a few days following surgery. While antibiotics will be required, healing time is minimal.

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