4 Things To Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Making the decision to have any type of surgery is a big one. After all, surgery generally involves the permanent alteration of the body. While it’s often needed and for the best, it is okay to tread lightly and gather the facts when surgery is considered “optional.”

For those considering laser eye surgery, the benefits of this type of procedure often far outweigh any potential negative outcomes or side effects. Performed on an outpatient basis with little recovery time involved, laser eye surgery can transform vision from terrible to near perfect in a matter of moments.

Are you considering laser eye surgery? Here are a few facts and tips to help guide your decision:

Laser eye surgery is safer than long-term contact use.

Statistics show that people who use contact lenses for long periods of time are more likely to develop eye problems than those who undergo laser surgery. This is partly due to the fact that contacts can cause dry, itchy eyes and may increase risk of infection.

Consult with an eye surgeon before making your decision.

When trying to determine if laser eye surgery is right for you, consult with an eye surgeon directly. Many people are told by other eye professionals they are not likely candidates. Surgeons, however, have more experience in the realm and are better poised to make the recommendation. To get all the facts, visit a licensed, skilled eye surgeon for a consultation.

Laser eye surgery offers long-term benefits.

Some people believe the results “wear off” over time. This is simply not true. While eyes can change over time and require new interventions, the results of laser eye surgery do not wear off.

Laser eye surgery is not painful.

Fears about pain during and after surgery are big reasons why some people avoid this type of procedure. The reality is that laser eye surgery does not hurt. The procedure takes less than 10 minutes for both eyes and typically only involves very minor discomfort. Recovery time is short and most patients only experience minimal discomfort.

Laser eye surgery can transform your life from being dependent on corrective lenses to having near perfect vision in a matter of moments. If you’re considering laser eye surgery, schedule a consultation with us today to get all the facts as they related to your individual case.

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