A Revolutionary Non-Invasive Acquired Ptosis Treatment

Acquired Ptosis affects many adults in the U.S. But don’t let low-lying lids get in the way of life. The Eye Center, P.A. now offers UPNEEQ as a solution for ptosis. This premiere eye surgery center in South Carolina is available to diagnose adult cases of ptosis and provide this state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatment.

UPNEEQ is a 0.1% ophthalmic solution of oxymetazoline hydrochloride, developed to be used as a treatment for acquired blepharoptosis. At this time it is the only FDA non-surgical treatment for this disorder. Providing eyelid restoration in the convenience of daily eye drops.

UPNEEQ is being offered in a modern and revolutionary way. The typical trials and tests of having to go through insurance protocols such as prior authorizations, step edits, or callbacks. This world-changing eyelid treatment is offered exclusively through RVL Pharmacy. Making it easily attainable for all who need it.

A 30-day dose is a $105 flat. No hidden fees or copays are involved. In fact, Upneeq provider, RVL Pharmacy does not require or accept insurance. Allowing them to expand the access of their product to all who are in medical need of it.

The decision to pursue UPNEEQ as a non-surgical alternative to acquired adult blepharoptosis should be carefully considered between the patient and skilled ophthalmologist. Be sure to disclaim full medical history so qualified medical professionals can assess all risks and benefits of this treatment route.

The Eye Center, P.A. has ophthalmologists on staff ready and available to diagnose and prescribe ptosis treatment, today. Check out or call 803-256-0641 to make an appointment or speak to a medical professional.

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