A True Tear in Every Eye

The Eye Center Offers a New Device to Prevent Dry Eyes

Columbia, S.C. — Exciting news! The Eye Center is the 1st practice in Columbia to offer the new dry eye device TrueTear®. By using the TrueTear® device, a person can stimulate natural tear production for dry eyes anytime they need it. This will reduce the need for hospitals or appointments when treating dry eyes, and unlike other eye drops or gels, TrueTear® uses neurostimulation through a patient’s nose to produce natural tears.

The process of neurostimulation works by using pulses of energy to activate a nerve in the eye through nerves in the bridge of the nose, which sends signals up to the brain. The brain then reacts and sends a signal to the tear glands to activate them, after which the eyes begin to produce tears naturally. This often produces a tingling or almost ticklish sensation in the nose with its ferocity based on the strength of the device.

TrueTear® is a rechargeable handheld device that can be set to different strengths, and the only thing that will need to be replaced every few days is the disposable tip. The TrueTear® device can also be monitored and controlled through a smart device, making it perfect for users who like to know exactly when the device will be fully charged. 

The possible side effects of TrueTear® include discomfort, pain, and burning in the nose, although most of these were short-lived. However, discussing the side effects with a doctor is recommended if they get worse or persist after continued use of the device.

A prescription from and a discussion with an ophthalmologist at The Eye Center is needed before the device can be purchased, but once it is purchased the patient will have complete freedom to treat their dry eyes from the comfort of their own home without reliance on anything other than a battery. That’s exciting news! The Eye Center is the 1st practice in Columbia to offer this fantastic device, so call to schedule an appointment and get relief from dry eyes today.

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