Advanced Technology in the Lasik World

Columbia, SC Oct 08, 2018— The field of ophthalmology has seen advancement in the vision correction surgery technologies in the past years. Ophthalmologists at The Eye Center are staying on top of these new technologies and bring them to the people of South Carolina.

Laser eye surgery in Columbia SC could not be more successful. The physicians of The Eye Center have done their research and began using two advanced technologies of today for Lasik eye surgery in Columbia. Thin Flap Lasik and Prelex are so advanced that they not only correct vision impairments but can also offer other benefits enjoyed by patients.

Thin Flap Lasik is a wonderful new procedure that not only offers a way to rid oneself of those pesky glasses but also improves night vision and better corneal stability and safety. Physicians are also seeing better optics in patients associated with sports or other recreational activities. The Eye Center is on the cusp for the use of Thin Flap Lasik procedures. They are the Lasik eye center in Columbia for patients electing to have vision correction surgery.

Prelex is another option for Lasik eye surgery in Columbia. Advanced technology has enabled physicians at The Eye Center to use a technique similar to cataract surgery for vision correction. With Prelex, patients will receive an implant lens with the use of a small incision. No sutures are involved, and exceptional vision is restored for both distance and up close. An additional benefit is that the chance of developing cataracts is decreased significantly.

With Thin Flap Lasik and Prelex, vision correction is undergoing a radical change for the better. Laser eye surgery in Columbia SC is allowing patients to experience advanced procedures and receive excellent results. The physicians and staff are excited to share these opportunities with their patients as well as becoming one of the best Lasik eye centers in Columbia.

The Eye Center welcomes those considering vision correction surgery to give them a call today!

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