All You Should Know About iStent For Glaucoma

Tired of taking daily eye drops to control your eye pressure, and are contemplating iStent? It’s best to understand the procedure and what happens after the treatment! In this post, we’ll briefly walk you through the treatment and what you can reasonably expect.

How Does iStent Work For Glaucoma?

To limit the risk of vision loss from glaucoma, controlling eye pressure is vital. When a person using glaucoma medications misses a dose, an alteration in the eye pressure can happen, leading to vision loss. iStent works to regulate the pressure of the eye. It creates a permanent opening in the eye’s drainage system to enhance the outflow of fluid to the eyes. As the fluid flow increases, the pressure of the eyes is lowered.

iStent may be recommended for patients with mild or moderate open-angle glaucoma. This leads to a reduction in intraocular pressure and limits the usage of glaucoma medication. If you have a problem adhering to regular medication or are experiencing side effects from glaucoma medications, iStent might be especially beneficial for you.

What Happens After iStent Implantation For Glaucoma?

Recovery is quick and doesn’t take a long time. After an implant, patients will be able to return to their daily activities quickly. The stent can’t be:

  • Felt
  • Seen; and
  • comes with an excellent safety profile with little or no complications.

Is iStent Right For You?

If you are heading for cataract surgery and are presently taking glaucoma medications to lower eye pressure, then you might be a candidate for this procedure. 

Bottom line

Do you have glaucoma and cataracts and are interested in this procedure? Talk to your ophthalmologist first before opting in for this procedure. Your doctor will perform an examination to confirm if iStent is right for you!

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