Are There Side Effects to LASIK?

Laser eye surgery is considered safe and effective, but with any medical procedure, there could be potential side effects (though complications are extremely rare). If you are considering LASIK, it’s important that you and your eye surgeon carefully discuss the potential risks.

Pre-surgical screening is an important step in determining your candidacy for laser eye surgery, as well as your potential risks. Doctors perform intensive screenings to ensure that those who undergo surgery are strong candidates for success. Reputable surgeons typically turn away some of those who seek LASIK simply because they are not good candidates for successful results.

While the vast majority of LASIK patients suffer no real side effects, they are not unheard of. Some people may experience side effects such as:

  • dry eye
  • glare or halos around bright lights
  • light sensitivity
  • night driving glare
  • visual fluctuation

LASIK surgery involves the alteration of the cornea to correct near- or farsightedness. The fast, out-patient procedure generally goes off without a hitch. Most patients are back at their normal routines with greatly improved, often 20/20, vision within a day or so. Most patients also find the procedure itself pain and trouble free.

No surgical procedure is without some risks, even if minimal. At The Eye Center, our experienced eye surgeons work very hard to help patients avoid possible side effects. Even LASIK surgery that only takes minutes to perform can come with some side effects. With that in mind, it’s important for patients to fully understand their risks and weigh them carefully against the rewards before moving forward.

If LASIK eye surgery is in your future, be sure to discuss the pros and cons carefully with your vision care provider and do not hesitate to report any post-surgical concerns to your surgeon immediately. Doctors are often able to help alleviate side effect concerns if they are made aware of them.

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