Is Diabetes Affecting Your Eyes? Simple Ways to Find Out the Condition of Your Eyes

Posted: Mar 05, 2022 by The Eye Center
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The easiest way to determine if diabetes is affecting your eyes is to get an annual eye exam. According to the American Diabetes Association, individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should have their first eye exam immediately after diagnosis. However, it suggests that those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes receive their first exam within five years of their diagnosis. For those with diabetes, annual eye exams are vital to a healthy life.

It is well-known that diabetes is considered to be the leading cause associated with adult-onset vision loss. Following simple strategies can help to prevent trouble with eyesight, such as diabetic retinopathy. There are three solid prevention methods that can make a world of difference in diabetic patients. It is critical to maintain A1C levels, appropriate blood sugar levels, and monitor blood pressure regularly. These basic tactics can help to avoid serious eye conditions such as retinopathy.

Patients that follow the preventative steps above are far less likely to develop retinopathy. However, it does not mean that their vision will not progress to a serious level, nor will it automatically stop diabetic retinopathy. It is crucial to observe your symptoms on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that symptoms such as:

  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Inadequate night vision and many more symptoms related to vision could be signs of retinopathy.

If you notice that you are not able to see things you once could, it is suggested to evaluate yourself. Ensure that you take care of your contacts or glasses. For example, do not reuse daily contacts. In addition, pay close attention to any changes in your capability of reading and seeing, both close-up and from afar. Be sure to read the side effects of medications so you know what could be causing any variations in your ability to see. Continue to oversee your own care by asking your family about medical conditions. Question your blood relatives regarding any history of eye conditions.

These simple things can help to determine if you have vision trouble due to your diabetes. Maintain proactive strategies and go for annual eye exams in order to determine if diabetes is affecting your eyes.


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