Rejuvenate Your Face with Eyelid Surgery

Posted: Feb 20, 2022 by The Eye Center
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One more wrinkle
As you age, your skin produces less collagen. Combine that with exposure to sunlight, and chances are you will tire of waking up every morning to spot another new wrinkle and find yourself searching online for a solution.

While there are several topical cosmetic products you can apply to reduce the appearance of wrinkles associated with age, the transformation wouldn't be as startling and long-lasting as you might want. If you are looking for something more impressive, eyelid surgery is an alternative you probably haven't considered.

What is eyelid surgery?
Although eyelid surgery might seem drastic, it's not nearly as intense as most people think. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty or lid lift) is a very standard procedure.

A lid lift corrects wrinkling by taking out extra skin and enhancing the muscle and fat around the eyes. Depending on the desired result, the surgery can be performed on your upper and lower lids, depending on the desired result. It eliminates extra folds around the eyes and can also reduce visible eye bags and puffiness.

Why is eyelid surgery so great?
The effects of the surgery are undoubtedly remarkable. If carried out by an experienced ophthalmologist from a certified Columbia SC Eye Clinic, the procedure is sure to restore the natural contour of your face and can instantly shave years off your appearance.

Droopy and puffy eyelids are not only unseemly, but they also tend to obstruct your peripheral vision. Eyelid surgery is just what you need to enhance your face and get you looking and feeling radiant.

Before you go under the knife
It's important to consult a professional ophthalmologist. The consultation will involve a meticulous eye examination to determine the anatomy of your eyes as well as any preexisting conditions.

Would you like to have a consultation? Book a session with Dr. Beau Bryan SC at our Columbia SC Eye Clinic today!


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