Cataract Rescue: How to Have Clear Vision Again

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Columbia, S.C. — Cataracts are a common ailment for people over age 60. The process of cataract growth varies from patient to patient, ultimately leading to cataract removal surgery. Cataracts happen when proteins in the eye clump together causing one’s vision to become blurry or hazy. While most people suffering from cataracts do not want to experience surgery, the experts of The Eye Center are here to make cataract surgery quick and painless.
There are no answers to why cataracts happen, but they can become a thorn in one’s side. Cataracts are the cause of loss of vision, ultimately making life less fulfilling. Common symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light, including sunlight
  • Difficulty seeing at night or in dimly lit areas
  • Experiencing rays or streaks of light coming from headlights, stop lights, etc.

The Eye Center experts have the answer to all these symptoms. Providing the latest technology to patients suffering from cataracts is part of their treatment plan. Doctors at The Eye Center offer laser cataract surgery to all patients who meet the qualifications.
Laser cataract surgery allows doctors at The Eye Center to deliver results with as little as one to two days of recovery time. The use of a laser allows them to make accurate, precise incisions without the need for stitches. No stitches allow patients to experience less discomfort and return to normal routines quicker.
Cataracts do not have to take away freedom or happiness. The experts at The Eye Center have the knowledge and expertise in technology that will change lives forever. To find out more about laser cataract surgery, contact the office of The Eye Doctors to make an appointment today.
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