Cataract Surgery is Simpler Than Many Believe

It used to be that the formation of cataracts on the lens of the eye signaled a permanent end to clear vision and the likely arrival of eventual blindness. Then doctors learned when the lens was surgically removed and replaced with a synthetic option, eyesight could be saved in the process.

Initially cataract surgery was a highly involved procedure that required stitches, hospitalization and lots of time to recover. Patients would find that while they could see more clearly courtesy of the removal of a cloudy lens, their appearance was forever altered and vision was never quite as it was before.

That is all in the past thanks to new cataract surgery procedures that speed up the process, aid in fast recovery and remove the need for hospitalization. Patients, however, don’t always realize just how fast, painless and ultimately simple cataract surgery is these days.

All told, today’s cataract surgery takes about 15 to 20 minutes and results in crisper, clearer vision within a day or two following the operation. Rather than require hospitalization, cataract surgery is now done on an outpatient basis using lasers. Patients will find the procedure begins with the numbing of the eyes with anesthetic drops. This avoids the need for a shot while removing pain from the equation. Since the vision if out of focus during the surgery, patients can’t even “see” what’s going on.

Cataracts are a common occurrence as people age. When the eye’s lens begins to cloud over, impacting vision, there is a fast, simple solution that can restore vision without dramatically impacting life in the process. Anyone who is concerned about cataracts should discuss this condition with their eye doctors. Whether surgery is indicated is a decision that should be made between a patient and his or her doctor. 

If it is indicated, today’s patients will find advanced procedures make removal as hassle-free as possible while delivering better sight in the process.

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