Vivity® lOL

The Alcon AcrySof® IQ Vivity® extended range of vision Intraocular lens (IOL) is another type of IOL that has been approved by the FDA for used in cataract surgery. It is designed to provide an extended range of vision using “non-diffractive” technology.

What is Vivity® lOL?

Different from the technologies used by all other IOLs in the market, the Vivity Lens novel X-Wave technology creates an extended focal range by stretching and shifting the wavefront, rather than splitting the wavefront into multiple focal points as diffractive multifocal lenses do.

By using all available light, this IOL maintains the same vision quality as a monofocal IOL. The Vivity lens offers excellent distance vision, intermediate sharp vision for active lifestyles, and good quality vision for close-up daily activities.

This cutting-edge new multifocal lens can be used in patients who have not previously been candidates for cataract surgery due to macular puckers, macular degeneration or other pathology. As an added bonus, this lens has no increased glare after surgery, so it is a great option for patients who may be concerned about the glare with other multifocal lenses.

Patients who choose this option can have high quality vision from distance to functional near, which is an improvement compared to the standard monofocal lens.

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