LENSTAR LS900For Improved Refractive Outcomes for Cataract Patients, We Trust the LENSTAR.

  • Efficient and accurate for improved refractive outcomes
  • Reliable and easy to delegate – for more effectiveness
  • Convenience – for the user and the patient

It’s our goal to provide our patients the very best outcomes following cataract surgery. Cataracts cloud the eye’s natural lens, which refracts light as it enters the eye, helping you to see. A cataract causes blurry, hazy, less colorful vision. During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear, artificial intraocular lens (or IOL).

Using the best tools available is key in helping our patients achieve the best outcomes.

The LENSTAR LS900 is a superior tool we trust to help provide efficient and accurate vision outcomes. It is reliable and easy to use for more effectiveness while being convenient and comfortable for both the user and the patient.

The LENSTAR LS900 is a sophisticated optical biometer that quickly captures data about the eye’s individual elements and structure. In just one reading, the LENSTAR determines important values and measurements, such as the thickness of the lens, cornea and retina, and the precise position of the lens within the eye. The LENSTAR can also help calculate the precise refractive power of the new replacement IO, even for patients who have had previous corrective eye surgery such as LASIK.

Although many elements are involved in the practice of refractive cataract surgery, one of the most crucial is the ability to calculate IOL power effectively and efficiently. The LENSTAR LS900 helps us do just that. For more on the LENSTAR LS900, click here.


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