Cataracts Symptoms: When to Seek Care

Columbia, S.C. — Vision changes are not at all uncommon with age, but that doesn’t mean all complaints must be accepted as a given. In fact, chalking up some concerns, such as cataracts, as par for the course or inevitable can result in unnecessary brushes with blindness.

“Cataracts are a very common concern for people as they age, but they may also be associated with eye trauma in younger people and some babies may even be born with the condition,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “Fortunately, this is a condition that can be overcome quite easily in most cases. A simple outpatient procedure that involves removal of the damaged lens and replacement with a synthetic lens can restore sight while preventing permanent vision damage.”

When cataracts begin to develop, people may often brush off the symptoms. As the disease progresses, however, it is likely to present with a few telltale signs that indicate the need for medical intervention. This condition is characterized by a gradual yellowing or clouding over of the eye that often produces vision that is hazy or blurry. People may also notice double vision, sensitivity to light, changes to color vision and halos around sources of light, among other complaints.

“The best bet to safeguard vision is to seek out a regular eye examination on an annual basis,” stress the doctors at The Eye Center. “If any vision changes are noted in between exams, they should be checked out sooner rather than later. While cataracts may not require immediate intervention, getting the condition diagnosed and assessed is important.”

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