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Dr. Clary places the first Panoptix IOL implant in the Midlands
South Carolina, September 15, 2019 – The people of the Midlands are celebrating the coming of the Panoptix IOL to their home state. This new technology in eye care is a breakthrough for patients suffering from cataracts. The Eye Center, a premier Columbia, SC eye clinic, is proud to announce that Dr. Matthew Clary of SC has recently placed the first Panoptix IOL implant in a Midlands patient.
Panoptix IOL has been used overseas with success, and in August 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this implant to be used in U.S. Alcon is the parent company and is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Through Alcon’s studies, they found that 90% of patients who have undergone cataract treatment would choose this lens again. Panoptix IOL lens implants are showing great promise in the realm of eye care, specifically with cataract treatment in Columbia, SC.
Patients receiving cataract treatment in Columbia, SC are excited to have a lifetime with no corrective lenses on the nightstand. Though, common to all intraocular lenses, they may find that detailed tasks, such as reading for long periods of time, are further improved by wearing glasses. Panoptix IOL is a trifocal lens designed to correct one’s vision at near, intermediate, and far distances. An all in one option that Dr. Matthew Clary of The Eye Center in South Carolina is taking advantage of.
Dr. Matthew Clary of SC specializes in cataract treatment in Columbia, SC. He is board-certified and currently fills the role of Chairman of Ophthalmology for Providence Hospital. When he completed his residency, he had the most cataract surgeries ever performed by a resident under his white coat. Dr. Matthew Clary joined The Eye Center of SC in 2008.
With this new technology, Dr. Clary is giving hope for better cataract treatment in Columbia, SC. Cataract sufferers no longer have to fear the need for glasses after surgery. With the Panoptix IOL, cataract treatment in SC will only require surgery. This Columbia, SC eye clinic is excited about this new treatment and is making plans to continue the use of the Panoptix IOL. 
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