Cloudy Vision Could Signal a Cataract

Over the course of time most people will experience some changes in their eyesight. This is just a normal part of life at any age for some and a side-effect of aging for others. If that vision change involves a “clouding” over of the field of sight, however, it may signal the development of a cataract

The bad news is technically cataracts can form at any age. Although more common in aging, this condition can present at early ages, especially as the result of trauma.

The good news is that cataracts are generally quite treatable. This condition involves a clouding over of the eye’s natural lens. The lens is normally clear, but due to aging or trauma it begins to cloud over, causing a blurring of vision.

Aside from cloudiness, there are a number of other potential symptoms that may signal the development of a cataract. They include a glare, decreased contract, difficulty with night vision and dim or decreased vision. As these symptoms present, it’s possible they may interfere with normal activities, such as driving ,reading or watching television.

If cataracts are detected during a routine eye exam, surgery to correct the issue may be recommended. This procedure is now performed using a laser. It involves an out-patient visit to an eye surgeon and a rather fast procedure that is relatively painless. The surgeon will remove the cloudy natural lens and replace it with a clear artificial lens. The end result is a clearer field of vision and quite often a greatly improved ability to see. Overall recovery time, courtesy of the laser procedure, is typically only a few short days.

Should cloudy vision be a concern, make an appointment with an eye doctor right away. There’s no reason to suffer through as a cataract becomes progressively worse.

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