Columbia Eye Center Promises to Observe COVID-19 Best Practices for Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the second leading preventable cause of blindness across the world, and early surgical intervention is crucial to effectively treating this illness. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world of medicine into uncertainty. Therefore, many Columbia, SC cataract surgeries have been delayed due to questions about potential health risks.

Patients and providers alike are uncertain about how to proceed in this situation. However, clear COVID-19 best-practices guidelines for cataract surgeries have been released. That is why The Eye Center is pleased to announce best practices will be employed for all cataract surgeries, so you can save your vision safely under these new protective measures.

CDC Compliance
We know that our cataract patients are often members of COVID-19 high-risk populations, so we are taking CDC guidelines very seriously to ensure your safety.

All Eye Center facilities will comply with CDC mask and social distancing requirements whenever feasible. Masks are always required to be worn by patients and staff, and we are staggering appointments to allow for more effective social distancing inside the facilities.

A Focus On Screening
One of the most important aspects of best practices during a time of pandemic is screening. The Eye Center in Columbia is committed to serving our cataract patients’ best interests through regular screening of both patients and staff for COVID-19.

Prioritizing Protection
The Eye Center will implement protective measures whenever possible. All our doctors are equipped with high-quality personal protective equipment and sanitation materials while conducting cataract surgeries.

Expanded Telemedicine
Another way The Eye Center is protecting cataract patients through the COVID-19 crisis is with an expansion of telemedicine. While of course, the surgery itself will need to be performed inside the facility, we are abiding with COVID-19 cataract surgery best-practices by allowing for the possibility that screening and follow-up visits could be conducted remotely.

We will also attempt to make all administrative procedures as touch-free as possible, advocating online registration, check-in, and payment options.

Our Promise
You should not have to suffer vision loss from cataracts, and you also shouldn’t have to be exposed to COVID-19. We understand how difficult it can be to make medical decisions during uncertain times. But rest assured, we at The Eye Center are working hard to implement best-practices for eye surgeries so that all our cataract patients receive the care and protection they deserve.

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