Comprehensive Eye Exams Are The Key To Preventing Eye Disease

Patients should have regular visits to The Eye Center to combat eye disease

Ophthalmology is the study of diseases in the eye, ranging from dry eye to cataracts. Many diseases are preventable, and those which are unpreventable are better treated when detected early. South Carolinians should book their comprehensive eye exam at Columbia’s The Eye Center before experiencing problems with their vision.

The team of licensed physicians at The Eye Center is well-versed in detecting various forms of eye disease and deterioration. Their comprehensive eye exam is designed to encompass a wide range of possible maladies, including the need for corrective lenses or a risk of glaucoma. The exam measures each patient’s visual acuity, peripheral vision, and eye muscle coordination. As part of their exam, patients may receive pupil dilation in order to test the pupils’ responsiveness to light. The eyelids and the insides of the eye are also taken into account using specialized optical instruments.

If the exam yields unhealthy or problematic results, the physician will discuss these issues with the patient and provide a consultation on their best options for future or immediate treatment. The Eye Center not only diagnoses but also treats the gamut of eye diseases, which a comprehensive eye exam may indicate. This Columbia SC eye clinic provides services for treating cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, macular degeneration, astigmatism, near-sightedness and far-sightedness, diseases related to diabetes, and much more. Patients can receive laser vision surgery, cataract surgery, and even surgery to correct ptosis or droopy eyelid syndrome. As a comprehensive eye clinic, The Eye Center also provides post-operative consultations for issues such as flashers, floaters, and post-cataract capsular haze.

Treating eye disease becomes increasingly riskier and more expensive, the longer a patient delays treatment. By examining eyes early and regularly, the physicians at The Eye Center can help patients proactively treat their eye disease and prevent the formation of a new one.

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