Corneal Transplants and More: The Importance of Eye Surgery

The doctors at The Eye Center talk about new eye surgeries such as corneal transplant surgery
Columbia, S.C, – Corneal transplant surgery is a thirty-minute surface treatment for those experiencing vision loss. Surgeons numb the eye and prepare it for a laser treatment using a polish. The surgeons then remove a layer of eye tissue in order to improve vision. This surgery helps rays of light to focus on the retina, which is what enhances vision overall. Plus, it is virtually painless.
“For months, I was losing sight in my right eye and didn’t know the cause of it,” says a patient from The Eye Center in Columbia. After a few minutes with Dr. Bryan and a secondary observation with Dr. Huff, I am on the road to recovery.” 
For those seeking help with their vision, they can visit The Eye Center’s website to make an appointment. They can also speak to doctors such as Dr. Brian Huff in South Carolina. The Eye Center offers the latest eye surgeries for those struggling with vision problems or other eye problems. Specifically, they are proud to say that they provide the latest transplant surgery for the cornea and Lasik surgeries.
People can schedule appointments at their convenience. The Lasik clinic in South Carolina is open Monday through Thursday from seven-thirty in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon. They are also open on Fridays from seven-thirty in the morning until noon. The Eye Center wants to work with as many schedules as possible.
“Five weeks ago, I had Lasik surgery by Dr. Clary, and my vision has never been better. It was truly one of the best decisions that I have made medically,” says a patient from The Eye Center. “There is no other office that I would have trusted.”
There are many people who have been diagnosed with underlying eye conditions. Schedule an appointment with a vision care specialist. They can prevent eye problems from worsening as well as strengthen vision overall.
To find out more about various eye surgeries such as corneal transplants, Lasik, and cataract, reach out to the doctors at The Eye Center or visit the practice online at The Eye Center.
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