Diabetic Eye Care: What Patients Need to Know

Columbia, S.C. – Diabetes is a condition that is on the rise across the United States, spiking right along with obesity levels. Those newly diagnosed will find there are many steps they can take to help improve or maintain health. One of them involves adhering to a strict eye care program.

“Vision loss is one of the many potential complications diabetics may face in their lifetimes,” explain the doctors at The Eye Center. “When proper care for the condition couples with a strict routine of eye care, however, it is possible to help preserve sight.”

Diabetics will find that one of the biggest eye-related concern they face is a condition called retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when blood sugar levels run too high for too long, causing tiny blood vessels in the retina to burst. As time passes, the breakage may lead to vision loss and eventual blindness. In addition, diabetics may find themselves at higher risk for glaucoma, cataracts and other serious eye conditions.

It is typically recommended that diabetics undergo eye exams each year. If vision problems have presented or other concerns exist, doctors may recommend more frequent visits. These appointments will likely include routine vision screening tests along with the use of digital retinal photography to enable ophthalmologists to check for signs of retinopathy.

“Diabetes is strongly linked to blindness,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “Keeping tight control over blood sugar levels, exercising, eating right, quitting smoking and following through on routine eye checkups can make a difference.”
People who have been diagnosed with diabetes are urged to make an appointment with their vision care providers. Getting started with a strict routine of care may prevent serious complications from arising.

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