Does LASIK Fix Your Eyes Permanently?

LASIK surgery uses laser to reshape the corneal tissue and improve vision. The procedure permanently corrects vision. However, age and vision changes (astigmatism or presbyopia) may determine how long the LASIK surgery will last.

LASIK surgery is a permanent option for fixing vision. The procedure is very safe and quick. The recovery time is short, and you can have your vision back one day after surgery. Most can do away with contact lenses or glasses after surgery.

The ideal candidate for LASIK surgery is one who has had an eyeglass prescription for two years and above. They should also have a healthy cornea and eye. The surgery has minimal discomfort and is not painful.

Medical reviews state that laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses can correct vision for a long time. It treats myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, and hyperopia (farsightedness).

The procedure is permanent, except in rare cases when correction regresses to its initial condition. When this happens, the patient can undergo a corrective procedure.

As you age, the eye’s crystalline lens gets stiffer, causing a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia makes it difficult for one to see nearsighted objects. Your vision may also change due to medical conditions like developing cataracts. This impacts the clarity of your vision, which may require additional surgery to enhance the vision.

When the eye ages naturally, it changes your vision even if you have LASIK surgery. The eye lens accommodation will begin to decline, prompting you to use reading glasses even after the LASIK procedure. For such cases, a patient can undergo a modified type of LASIK surgery known as monovision or blended vision. This treatment tricks the eyes into retaining their far and near vision. The procedure may be performed on one dominant eye.

Your eye doctor may recommend LASIK enhancement or correction surgery 10 years after your last LASIK procedure. The LASIK surgery enhancement procedure involves making small changes to reshape your cornea. This happens when your initial LASIK results begin to fade.

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