Does Lasik Surgery Make People Go Blind?

LASIK surgery continues to be a life-changing procedure. But some questions and myths surround this procedure. If you want to have this surgery, you should know if it is completely safe and won’t ruin your sight. We’ve provided an answer to that question here. Continue reading to learn more.         

Lasik Surgery Won’t Ruin Your Eyes

Currently, there are no reports of blindness as a result of LASIK surgery. Recent research confirmed that patients have higher risks of eye vision issues from infections from contact lenses than from LASIK surgery. Nevertheless, when patients fail to observe the correct aftercare protocol, infections can lead to vision loss. Of course, this is rare, but it has happened.

Remember, LASIK surgery itself doesn’t damage the eyes, and patients can avoid most complications from this surgery. After the surgery, if you notice anything alarming, contact your ophthalmologist.

IS LASIK Surgery Painful?

LASIK surgery isn’t painful. However, since pain is subjective, what a patient might find as minor discomfort might be pain by another patient. According to reports from patients, the most uncomfortable aspect of LASIK surgery is the pressure that comes from the laser. Happily, this feeling will only last for a few minutes.

LASIK Lasts!

Yes, LASIK is a permanent procedure. Nevertheless, your eye doctor will continue to see you yearly to inspect your ocular health. In addition, whether a patient has LASIK surgery or not, they’ll experience cataract formation or presbyopia. This is because presbyopia and cataracts don’t affect the cornea but the inside of the eye. And LASIK can only change the shape of the cornea.

Final Thoughts

LASIK surgery is completely safe for you and your loved ones! Before having the surgery, confirm if you are a candidate from a reputable center.

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