Dry Eye Causes and How to Tackle Them

Living with the itching, burning irritation of dry eyes is no fun when the condition presents periodically, but for those who suffer daily it can be a real nightmare. Fortunately, there are very effective treatments for dry eye, but the key often lies in discovering the cause.

What is Dry Eye?
Dry eye is a condition that develops when the eye’s flow of tears isn’t constant enough to maintain lubrication for proper vision and comfort. It can be a temporary, one-time, situation or the condition can be chronic in some people. For those who face chronic discomfort, finding a remedy that works is critical for maintaining comfort and proper vision.

What Causes Dry Eye?
There are a number of potential causes for dry eye. In some cases, figuring out the cause can lead to an easy cure. Here are just of the top causes:

  • Natural aging – Like it or not, this condition does tend to go along with normal aging. As the body ages, its ability to produce a proper, constant amount of tears might decline.
  • Medications – There are a variety of medications that can cause dry eye as a side effect. If medication is suspected, a change in prescription might do the trick. If the benefits of the medication outweigh the discomfort of dry eye, looking into treatments for dry eye makes sense.
  • Certain diseases – Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions can cause dry eye. In these cases, treatment for the disease and the dry eye are both likely in order.
  • Structural problems – Sometimes issues arise with the eyelids themselves that cause dry eye. Fixing the structural issues might address the problem.

If dry eye is a real concern, eye doctors have a host of treatment options at their disposal. From something as simple as eye drops to more involved procedures, such as surgery to repair eyelid defects, there are ways to correct the situation. Consult your eye doctor for advice if dry eye is a persistent concern.

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