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Columbia, S.C. — The National Eye Institute estimates more than 5 million Americans suffer from the burning, itching and gritty feelings associated with dry eye. Although sometimes a temporary concern that rights itself, some people will find their symptoms persist. For those in the latter category, help is available.

Dry eye arises when the eyes are unable to produce sufficient tears for proper hydration or when the tears produced are of the wrong consistency. When this occurs, itching, burning, gritty sensations and other symptoms may arise. Inflammation on the eye’s surface may also result that can lead to pain, corneal ulcers and scarring. Loss of vision is also possible, but is only rarely permanent.

“Dry eye is a highly common concern that can be treated very effectively,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “The key lies in determining the underlying cause and proceeding with the best possible treatment from there. For some people, for example, dry eye is associated with the use of certain medications that when stopped alleviate symptoms. Others, however, may have chronic conditions that require a management approach to reduce redness, itching and burning.”

While the best course of treatment will depend on the cause of dry eye, people who suffer from the condition will find there are many options available to help. They include:

  • Artificial tears – Drops that help hydrate and lubricate are often very helpful for alleviating the symptoms of dry eye. People who suffer from this condition due to contact lens use or computer-related work, for example, may find the right level of relief.
  • Medications – In some cases, prescription medications or eye drops may be required to provide proper hydration for the eyes.
  • LipiFlow – This cutting-edge treatment is designed to remove blockage from the Meibomian glands by combining heat and light massage. In doing so, this treatment can help the eyes more effectively hydrate themselves.
  • Surgery – In some cases, surgical procedures may be needed to promote healthier tear production.

“There is no reason to suffer through the discomfort of dry eye,” the doctors say. “There is help available to effectively treat this common concern.”

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