Eye Center Offers Exciting Procedure to Eliminate Reading Glasses

Columbia, S.C. — The Eye Center, P.A. of Columbia gives its patients a new lease on life, allowing them to eliminate their glasses for good. The Columbia Eye Center staff is pleased to now offer the TECNIS® Symfony IOL, a cutting edge, surgical implanted device that can reverse the effects of presbyopia, a condition characterized by the need for reading glasses.
What is presbyopia?
People over the age of forty may begin to notice that focusing on nearby objects becomes more difficult. That’s because a structure in the eye called the lens starts to stiffen as one ages. The lens, along with the cornea, refracts light onto the retina at the back of the eye, and then the retina sends a message to the brain.
When the lens loses flexibility, it also loses the capacity to focus on things that are nearby. The stiffening of the lens is called presbyopia and it’s a natural process that occurs with aging.
Although presbyopia presents challenges, most people are able to continue living an active life with the aid of glasses or contacts. Presbyopia usually doesn’t mean missing work or saying no to the things one enjoys.
But for some sufferers, glasses or contacts may not be an option due to other eye conditions. And some people simply cannot afford to be hampered by glasses. For those interested in surgical options for reversing presbyopia, the Symfony IOL may be an option.
What is an IOL?
 An IOL, or intraocular lens, is a surgically implanted device that is meant to substitute the eye’s natural lens. IOLs are usually prescribed to patients after cataract surgery because the procedure involves removing and replacing the eye’s natural lens. IOLs are also used to treat myopia or nearsightedness. The TECNIS® Symfony IOL is the first lens to be approved to remedy presbyopia.
What makes the the TECNIS® Symfony IOL different?
Normally IOLs are monofocal and aim to improve vision either up-close or at a distance. The Symfony IOL is multifocal and allows patients to experience continuous vision, meaning clearer vision in the background and the foreground at the same time.
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