Get Relief from Your Dry Eyes with Lipiflow®

Dry eye is one of the most common reason people come to The Eye Center. Dry eye syndrome can range from minor, occasional discomfort to frequent pain, which can affect every aspect of life.

Irritated, stinging, scratchy eyes, and even sometimes excessive tearing are all symptoms of dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome often causes a gritty feeling in the eyes, redness and blurred vision. The good news is that dry eye syndrome is easily diagnosed through a comprehensive eye exam, and many treatment options are available to patients suffering from dry eyes.

Lipiflow® is a new treatment now available at The Eye Center that treats the leading cause of dry eye — Meibomian gland disorder — not just the symptoms, for longer-lasting relief of dry eye. The procedure is quick, virtually painless and takes place in our office. A thermal pulsator delivers controlled heat to the inner layer of the eyelids, releasing lipids (oil) from blocked Meibomian glands. By unblocking the glands with the revolutionary thermal pulsation technology, the body can resume its natural production of oil and keep the eyes lubricated, giving many patients significant relief from their symptoms.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Lipiflow for use on patients in November 2015.

LipiFlow is the only electronic treatment device approved for use in helping patients who suffer from MGD. By delivering precise heat treatments directly to the inner eyelids and a directed gentle massage, this treatment effectively unblocks Meibomian glands to provide patients the relief from dry. By providing a way to restore the natural oil flow to the eye’s tear film, LipiFlow promotes a longer lasting solution for dry eyes

To find out more about dry eye and treatments, including LipiFlow, click here. Contact The Eye Center today to schedule a comprehensive exam to diagnose your dry eye and determine if Lipiflow is the best option for you.

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