The OMNI® Surgical System is a safe and minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps reduce intraocular pressure in adult, primary open-angle glaucoma patients. 

What is OMNI®?

Omni works to open up and restore flow through the eye’s natural drainage pathway. This procedure can be performed at the same time as cataract surgery or on its own as a standalone glaucoma procedure.

Using the OMNI® Surgical System, your ophthalmologist unclog the blockage in the eye’s natural drainage canals, relieving pressure buildup in the eye. OMNI® works to help restore the eye’s natural drainage system by removing unnecessary blockages across several pressure points in the eye.

How quickly does OMNI work?

Because the OMNI® Surgical System restores the eye’s natural drainage system, many patients can experience a reduction in eye pressure soon after the procedure. However, for some patients, it make take a bit more time for pressure in the eye to normalize after surgery. Your doctor may continue to prescribe drops for a period of time after surgery.

Every patient is different. Talk to your eye doctor to determine whether the OMNI Surgical System® is right for you.

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