How Cataract Surgery Helps Restore 20/20 Vision

Has your doctor recommended cataract surgery to enhance the clarity of your vision? You might be wondering: “Will this artificial replacement of your eye’s natural lens help restore 20/20 vision?” Yes! But how does it help? Continue reading to learn more!

What Is An Artificial Lens?

An artificial lens is a tiny lens that functions as your new eye lens. This intraocular lens (IOL) refracts or bends the light rays that enter the eye, enabling clearer vision.

How Intraocular Lens Give 20/20 Vision

Before the surgery, an eye doctor uses an ultrasound test to measure the shape and size of your eye. These measurements will help the doctor:

  • Use the correct type of IOL
  • Know how to position the IOL accurately.

It is the accurate positioning of the lens that can help achieve better vision.

Additionally, the exact calculation of the refractive error is quite vital to achieving that too. A qualified eye doctor will calculate the precise measurement of the optical prescription before the cataract surgery. This enables them to verify the correct power attributed to the IOL. As a result, a patient can achieve the 20/20 vision expected.

Finally, an eye doctor re-examines the eyes after the surgery. The post-surgical examination is necessary because, even with precise measurement, there might be a slight shift during the surgery. Therefore, this further examination will confirm any movement. In the case that the lens has shifted, the eye doctor will be able to reposition the artificial lens before the eye is fully healed.

While over 50% of patients will achieve 20/20 vision from their artificial lens, about 30% or more will still require corrective lenses after surgery.


One of the best ways to obtain 20/20 vision from artificial lenses is to consult with a qualified and experienced eye doctor. Are you wondering where to start? Consult with a trained and licensed eye doctor at The Eye Center today!

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