How LASIK eye surgery can sharpen your eyesight

Eyesight abnormality is a widespread problem due to high screen exposure, and thus the world is striving to find the best ways to treat them and again achieve crystal clear vision. One of the most recommended treatments globally and even in Columbia, S.C. is the LASIK procedure or surgery. LASIK surgery is popular for perfect outcomes and services.

Eyesight Issues

Typically, you can see an object when the light reflected from it, touches your eye, and is refracted to reach the optical nerve. When eyesight abnormality occurs, the light is not effectively refracted towards the optical nerve. Therefore, whatever image is produced is vague.


LASIK is a laser procedure done to change the shape of the dome on the eye’s outer side to make the refraction effective so that your vision is corrected, and you can see more clearly eliminating the need for glasses or contact lens most of the time.

Affectivity of LASIK

People suffering from shortsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism can consider getting a LASIK procedure done to improve their vision. This is because LASIK has proven to be effective in the eradication of all these three vision problems.

Risks and Complications

LASIK is considered a very safe treatment for eyesight problems because an exact cut is made with the help of a laser. However, minor side effects may be experienced temporarily after the surgical procedure is done, such as dry eyes or a vision glare. They are not very bothersome for most people and subside after a few weeks or months. In most cases, some eye drops are prescribed for overcoming dry eyes.


LASIK is safe and is effective with the most prevalent eyesight abnormalities.  The side effects that you may experience after LASIK are usually temporary. You can get LASIK surgery from The Eye Center, P.A. in Columbia, S.C.

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