How Lasik Surgery Can Impact Your Life

The Eye Center, a Lasik eye center in Columbia, South Carolina, has been trusted by thousands to perform Lasik. In addition, individuals with impaired vision struggling with Myopia and Hyperopia with astigmatism may find vision improvements after receiving the Eye Center’s painless laser vision correction.

What is Lasik?

Lasik is a procedure that uses lasers to reshape a patient’s cornea, allowing the eye to focus better. Tiny bits of tissue are removed to correct Myopia, nearsightedness; Hyperopia, farsightedness; and astigmatism. The procedure can improve your vision and can help reduce your dependence on contacts or glasses.
The ideal candidate for a Lasik procedure is a person who is at least 21 whose vision has remained stable over the last year. In addition, those who suffer from allergies, dry eyes, and those who find it difficult to wear contacts but who lead a lifestyle that is not conducive to wearing glasses are also eligible. The right ophthalmologist in Columbia, South Carolina, can help determine if you should consider laser correction surgery.

Are there Risks?

As with any surgery, Laser eye surgery does have some risks, but these are rare and occur in only three to five percent of patients. The benefits of Lasik eye surgery in Columbia, South Carolina, may outweigh the risks. Not only does this surgery improve vision almost immediately, but most patients also see a dramatic decrease in their dependence on vision aids such as glasses or contacts. Most patients no longer require glasses at all. Patients feel little to no pain, report a quick healing time, and do not require stitches or bandages.  In addition, your ophthalmologist can make needed adjustments if your vision changes during the years after Lasik.
Surgery to correct vision problems, such as Lasik, may not be for everyone. However, if you struggle with moderate vision problems and want to lessen your need for glasses and contact lenses, Lasik eye surgery could vastly improve the quality of your life. 

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