Is Cataract Surgery Lifechanging?

Columbia, S.C. — For the thousands of Americans suffering with vision-related problems associated with cataracts, surgery is the only surefire option to address symptoms and prevent permanent blindness. The prospect, however, can be a bit intimidating, leaving some to wonder if an outpatient laser surgery procedure can really change their lives.

“Cataracts are a progressive visual disruption that is very much like a ticking time bomb,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “While symptoms at first may only cause minor disruptions, people who allow the disease to progress will find enjoyment of everyday, routine activities diminishes right along with their sight. As reading, watching television, performing simple tasks and driving all become impossible due to sight-related concerns, cataracts very much becomes a quality of life issue.”

Cataracts arise when the eye’s natural lens clouds over due to an accumulation of proteins. Although largely associated with aging, children may be born with this condition. It is also possible for eye trauma to trigger this condition earlier in life.

Outpatient laser eye surgery can eliminate cataract-related concerns quickly and effectively. This procedure calls for removing the diseased lens entirely using a laser that provides pinpoint precision. The damaged lens is then replaced with a synthetic one that may include a prescription to correct other vision concerns, such as near- or far-sightedness. Once the damaged lens is removed, issues related to cloudy, blurry and double vision are removed along with it.

“The rapid restoration of sight can help people reclaim their independence,” say the doctors at The Eye Center. “For those who have lost their ability to cook, drive or even enjoy a television program, the surgery can indeed be lifechanging.”
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