Is Laser Robotics the Future of Eye Surgery?

For more than two decades, laser surgery has been the gold standard for vision correction procedures. With its pinpoint precision and a strong track record of success, this surgical tool is used to correct a number of vision problems including near and far-sightedness, cataracts and more. Over the years, laser vision procedures have been perfected, with most patients realizing near instant results.

As beneficial as laser procedures have been, technology is constantly evolving and a new tool is currently under development that may someday further enhance precision and results even more: laser robotics.

The use of robotics in general surgical procedures has grown exponentially in recent years and has been used to greatly advance surgical procedures. When used by skilled surgeons, robots are able to operate with more precision than human hands can deliver their own, while helping to reduce risk of side effects, blood loss concerns and incision size in other surgical procedures.

Although the technology is still under development, robotic operations for vision correction procedures have produced strong results thus far. Recently, University of Oxford surgeons at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital performed the world’s first operation inside the eye using a robot to remove a membrane 100th of a millimeter thick from the retina at the very back of a patient’s eye. The hope is that in the near future, robots will be able to perform the tasks that are beyond the capability of human hands, such as injecting medications directly into retinal veins.

While it may be some time before robots are used as a standard course of practice for eye surgery, the advancement is likely to become the next great step forward in eye care. In the meantime, laser eye surgery specialists are able to produce tremendous results. Laser procedures have been perfected and deemed highly effective for repairing cataract-damaged eyes, astigmatisms and other related vision concerns. To find out more about laser eye surgery for vision correction, contact The Eye Center for a consult.

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