LenSx® Femtosecond Laser procedure offered by The Eye Center in South Carolina

Columbia, S.C, – Femtosecond Laser Surgery is a type of laser-assisted cataract surgery that utilizes advanced Femtosecond laser technology for absolute accuracy. The Eye Center in South Carolina now offers this advanced procedure using state-of-the-art technology matched with expert doctors to provide superior results for everyone involved.
Every individual is different. People may have heard of this phrase before, but not many have listened to it regarding their own eyes. The size, depth, and shape of eyes are unique for every individual. With that, comes a necessity for exact precision in cataract surgeries tailored to every patient.

The benefits include reducing certain risks and allowing for optimal results to improve visual outcomes. The advantages provided include the performance of a bladeless incision, astigmatism reduction, a reliable capsulotomy creation, and gentler lens fragmentation. These improvements result in quicker healing time, sharper visionary results, and an increase in the overall safety of the surgery.

This procedure does utilize the advanced mechanization for precision-based performance, but it does not mean the entire process is performed technologically. A surgeon or doctor at The Eye Center still oversees the procedure as the whole and manually performs the removal of the cataract using a traditional Phaco ultrasound tube. The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser provides support for some of the more challenging portions of the operation.

“If you are someone who embraces innovative technologies, wants the latest, greatest methods, or has significant astigmatism, this may be an excellent option,” state the doctors at The Eye Center. The technological supplement makes it easier for the doctor to perform the corneal incision, the anterior capsulotomy, and the lens and cataract fragmentation. With this assistance, it only leaves the patient that much more satisfied.

It’s important to place everything in perspective when deciding between different types of surgeries. Femtosecond Laser procedure combines the best of both worlds, using specialization that is second-to-none.

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