New Ophthalmology Technology for Glaucoma Treatment

The expert ophthalmologists at The Eye Center, the #1 Columbia eye care center, announces the use of a new technological advancement with a procedure called goniotomy, which utilizes the Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) to treat glaucoma. This procedure can easily be done alongside cataract surgery, but Dr. Matthew Clary and his dedicated team can also perform this as a stand-alone procedure. These procedures are usually reserved for pseudophakic or phakic patients.
Congenital glaucoma affects one in 10,000 infants, while boys are affected twice as much as girls. Usually both eyes are affected in 75% of patients, and glaucoma is also differentiated and can develop as a result of other medical conditions. These can include juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRS), diabetes, Marfan’s syndrome, or tumors.
Glaucoma was first studied in 1938 with reports of developmental problems in the anterior segment of the eye, including the iris and ciliary body. These components are necessary in maintaining the health and fluidity of the eye, but do not develop normally in a patient with glaucoma.
Goniotomy works by removing diseased tissue to allow for more fluidity in the eye. With the development of advanced medical instruments like the KDB, ophthalmologists have been able to improve recovery time and reduce possible risks during the procedure. Goniotomy is a painless outpatient procedure to treat glaucoma.
During the procedure, the Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) releases intraocular pressure (IOP) using targeted incisions. Using this groundbreaking, micro-engineered technology, patients can expect fast post-op results at The Eye Center. The KDB utilizes several technologies including:

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel along with a sharp tip for a painless procedure
  • Narrow shaft to carefully access the anterior chamber of the eye to remove diseased tissue
  • Dual blades for simultaneous action and incision
  • Smooth foot plate to facilitate motion and prevent damage to the walls of the eye

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