Panoptix IOL Is The Clear Choice For Cataract Patients

Columbia, SC, Nov 15, 2020 – The future is bright for patients seeking cataract surgery in the Midlands area. An innovative technology called Panoptix IOL is available at The Eye Center, an eye care clinic in Columbia, South Carolina. The first Panoptix IOL implant was successfully administered last year by Dr. Matthew Clary at the Columbia eye center and is now available for all eligible patients.

Cataract surgery is recommended whenever the natural lens in a patient’s eye has become increasingly cloudy with age, impairing vision. The cataract is removed in surgery and replaced with a special implant called an intraocular lens (IOL). Most patients find that cataract surgery restores their vision supremely well, although prescription glasses are sometimes necessary following the surgery. However, with the Panoptix IOL, a trifocal lens, patients can improve their post-cataract vision at near, far, and intermediate distances without the need for glasses. Patients might still choose to use glasses for precise tasks such as extensive reading.

Panoptix IOL was developed by Alcon in Geneva, Switzerland, and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for cataract treatments in the U.S. Overseas studies have shown that 90% of patients would recommend Panoptix lens for successive cataract surgery.

The trifocal vision improvement provided by a Panoptix IOL is not only cutting-edge but also strongly in demand. Patients seeking to part with their glasses after a South Carolina cataract surgery should consider this service at The Eye Center.

Dr. Matthew Clary joined The Eye Center in 2008 and is the Chairman of Ophthalmology for Providence Hospital. He is board-certified to specialize in cataract surgery, having set a record for the most cataract surgeries performed under a single residency. He brings his unmatched expertise to The Eye Center in concert with the internationally-acclaimed Panoptix IOL technology.

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