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Laser Vision Correction Patient
"Having great vision is so important in baseball, and Dr. Clary at The Eye Center took great care of me. After he performed Laser Vision Correction on both of my eyes, I have never seen the ball better. It has helped me an unbelievable amount, and I'm thankful every day I had the surgery done." 
~Grayson Greiner


The Eye Center Patient
"I see GREAT my friend!." 

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Susan R., Cataract Patient

"What a life changing event!! Dr Brian Huff removed my cataract in early 2021 and implanted the AcrySof IQ PanoOptix Toric lens. He also did a Laser treatment to my left eye to correct severe astigmatism. I cannot believe how crystal clear my vision is and how often I reach up at bedtime to remove a contact lens that is NO LONGER there! After 54 years of wearing contacts it is such a miracle. I can see near, far and everything in between. I can SEE immediately when I open my eyes in the morning! Dr. Huff is very good at explaining what he is recommending and does not rush you and answers all questions. His staff at the office is extremely friendly and efficient as well as the staff at the surgery center. I am truly anxious to have my right eye done soon and am extremely thankful for such a compassionate and skillful surgeon."

J. Long, Cataract Patient

"Six days past cataract surgery on my right eye and I couldn’t be happier! Dr Brian Huff has provided excellent care every step of the way. The PanOptix implant is great, and has already improved both my distance and near vision...only habit has me hanging my "dime store" reading glasses on my shirt because I’m finding that I am no longer needing them. Hard to believe that Dr Huff says my vision will continue to improve! Can't wait to have surgery on my left eye a week from now..."

Barbara M., Cataract Patient

"Dr. Brian performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I’m very pleased with my “new” vision. He and every staff person were friendly and supportive."

Rob H., The Eye Center Patient

"I could not be any happier with the staff, nurses and doctor. Everyone was extremely pleasant and made the two procedures much easier to deal with. Thank you so much Dr. Clary for giving me sight."

Dr. Sandra, Cataract Patient

"I just want to brag on my ophthalmologist Dr. Platt at The Eye Center and the people associated with him. I had cataract/implant surgery on both eyes and see better now than I have in years! Reading and writing are my passions; now I have no difficulty with these two activities - thanks to Dr. Platt!"

Ben, Cataract Patient

"After receiving recommendations from friends, family and optometry facilities, I made an appointment with Dr. Platt at the Eye Center. Initially I planned to get just a basic cataract procedure. Based on the conversation he and I had previously, Dr. Platt felt I wouldn’t be completely happy with the basic procedure and wanted me to be 100% confident in my choice. Dr. Platt had a staff member call me to offer me guidance and recommended a procedure that would also correct my astigmatism. I agreed to follow his recommendation. Having worn glasses for over 55 years, this procedure has given me the best vision and clarity that I have ever had. He and his staff are extremely professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him to others."

Stan, Cataract Patient

"Over the last year or so I noticed my vision rapidly deteriorating. I went back to my eye doctor and she examined me and told me I had early stages of cataracts. I was surprised because I am still fairly young! Fast forward a year later and my vision had gotten progressively worse. I was referred to Dr. Clary and knew of him already through an acquaintance. He examined me and said I had "non age related" cataracts and needed surgery. I also have very bad astigmatism and asked if he could correct that. He said he could do that with the Toric lens implants. I elected to go that route and now, after a very successful surgery, I am now glasses free after wearing glasses all my life!! Thanks to Dr. Clary, his kind staff, and the Eye Center hospital for taking such good care of me! I'm now seeing the best I ever have!! If you want a good Christian eye doctor, Dr. Clary is the great!!"

Lynda, The Eye Center Patient

"I have used a hard contact lens since 1966 with astigmatism. In the past, there were little options for improving my vision. The new technology and expertise of Dr. Huff and his staff have enabled me to see without any additional visual aids (contact lens/glasses) and continues to improve daily. My experience with The Eye Center has been life-changing. I can now see the world in a new view. The staff has been helpful and professional. I traveled from Greenville to have this procedure done and continue to travel to maintain my services with his practice. I highly recommend Dr. Huff and The Eye Center to others."

Rick & Belinda, Cataract Surgery

"My wife has “white coat syndrome”, her blood pressure goes high due to anxiousness. She had both eyes dealt with for cataracts. Dr. Bryan and staff calmed her carefully and everything went well. Dr. Bryan is excellent! When it’s my turn he is the one I’m going to."

Jane M., Eyelid Surgery

"Dr. Platt did a wonderful job on my eyelid surgery. Quick recovery. Great results."

Margaret, Cataract Surgery

"I had a great experience with The Eye Center. Dr. Beau Bryan was my doctor. He had to remove cataracts from both my eyes. I choose the laser type surgery. All the staff at his office and had the hospital I had to go to was wonderful. Especially Dr. Bryan. He put me right at ease. He explained everything the was going to do and how it was going to be done. I would recommend the Eye Center to anyone that is going to have cataract surgery. They are wonderful. I can't thank Dr. Bryan enough for giving me my sight back."

Meredith M., LASIK

"I am glad that I decided to do LASIK with the Eye Center while I'm still rather young. It is a great help for keep up with my young children at home. I can see better now that I ever did with glasses or contacts and wore them since I was a young child. The doctors and staff were professional, friendly and quick! I would recommend them to anyone." 

Elisa M., Cataract Surgery

"I highly recommend Dr. Clary! I had cataract surgery about three weeks ago and my years and years of poor reading vision, astigmatism, and general visual ineptitude are suddenly, flat out, GONE. The procedure was painless and recovery was quick. As a church organist, I now find much more confidence from the written page, and no more need for putting on and taking off reading glasses every other minute. What a gift! Thank you, Dr. Clary." 

Beth S., LASIK

"Five weeks ago I had lasik surgery performed by Dr. Clary and my vision has never been better. It was truly one of the best decisions that I have made medically. After wearing glasses for 14 years and 4 previous eye surgeries (unrelated to my poor vision), I was pretty apprehensive about the lasik procedure. I know people always say they don't like their eyes being messed with, but really ... I freak out and automatically clinch my eyes when anyone comes close. Due to that, I was concerned that I would not be eligible to be a candidate for lasik. Despite my hesitations, overload of questions and being a difficult patient, Dr. Clary said that I was a great candidate. The entire team (Dr. Clary, Dr. Huff, Dr. Platt, Mrs. Kim) made me feel so comfortable and excited to have the procedure. Everyone who I interacted with made my experience there so personable and helped me relax. There is no other office that I would have trusted. All of my concerns were patiently listened to and I felt cared about as Dr. Clary and Mrs. Kim took the time to make sure that I was fully comfortable and at ease. If you are considering lasik, I full heartily and highly recommend The Eye Center!" 

Beth R.

"For months I was loosing site in my right eye and didn't know the cause of It. After a few minutes with Dr Bryant and a secondary observation from Dr Huff, I am On the road to recovery."

Lula W.

"For the first time in 25 years, I can read the newspaper and the phone book without contacts. Dr. Clary is a wonderful ophthalmologist and he and his entire staff are very caring and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend The Eye Center for your eye care. I really like my mono vision."

Linda S., TECNIS Toric Lens

"All of my life I had dreams of seeing without glasses. Then, I was diagnosed with cataracts. Dr. Clary recommended the Tecnis Toric lens to correct not only my cataract, but my near sightedness and astigmatism as well. After my surgery, for the first time I could read the signs without glasses. WHAT A MIRACLE! Then one night, I saw the stars in the sky! I thank the Doctor Clary and his staff for a great job." ~Linda S.

Sandy B., TECNIS Multifocal Lens

"I had the TECNIS Multifocal Lens put in after Dr.Platt from The Eye Center removed cataracts from both eyes in May. I am thrilled that I no longer have to wear glasses for ANYTHING! ! The Doctors at The Eye Center are Christians and are wonderful. Thank you Dr. Platt for what I call "My Bionic Eyes". I highly recommend The Eye Center!"

Bill W., TECNIS Multifocal Lens

"I had worn mono vision contacts for years but never felt comfortable with one close eye and one for distance. Didn't like wearing glasses to read by making the distance eye close. And didn't like going to football games and wearing glasses when I wanted to wear my sunglasses. I would actually wear distance contacts in both eyes so I could see distance and wear my sunglasses. After many years I started having issues that made it uncomfortable to wear contacts. My eye doctor that prescribed the mono vision contacts encouraged me to get surgery that would eliminate contacts but still provide mono vision.

My son had LASIK surgery with Dr Clary to relieve his issues with contacts. It was a great experience and a positive improvement in my son's vision. So after about 3 months of not even wearing my mono vision contacts, due to pain and discomfort, I decided to see Dr Clary. I didn't even know there was a multi-focal solution. I had hoped I could get a non-glasses solution but expected I would need glasses for reading or using the computer.

The Tecnis multi-focal solution was explained and I decided to do it. I really like the one eye-at-a-time approach. I was amazed at the no pain, no discomfort and immediate vision results. There was no irritation after surgery. I took it easy for a few days but felt like normal even an hour after the surgery. Two weeks later Dr Clary discussed the other eye solution which was a different power than the first eye.

Again, no pain, no irritation and NO GLASSES. Can read my phone, my computer, the newspaper and even target shoot pistols and rifles with much improved vision. I was expecting something negative about surgery but there was none. I wish I had done this years ago, but maybe waiting this long allowed the multi-focal lens to be improved to the level it is now.

I am 58 and never remember my vision this good as a child or teenager.

Dr. Clary was a pleasure through the entire process. A young steady hand with a strong Christian faith and family values was more than I could've expected.

I will be taking my daughter soon to get her away from contacts and glasses."

Gloria, Lens Replacement Surgery

"Wore glasses then contacts and then glasses again for 45 years. Hated wearing glasses and as I got older contacts became less comfortable. Also developed dry eyes. At Dr Clary's recommendation, I had lens replacement surgery in my weaker eye. The staff was very efficient, professional and caring. The procedure was totally painless and so worth it! My sight is great now. No more glasses or contacts! The other added benefit was seeing colors so much more vividly. Dr Clary was very thorough and caring even offering a prayer over me prior to surgery. This gave me tremendous peace and confidence that all would be ok. And it was! I give Dr Clary and his entire staff a big thank you! Nothing like waking up and seeing this beautiful world without reaching for glasses!"


The first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL.

Glaucoma & iStent
iStent works to help control your eye pressure by improving the outflow of fluid from your eyes.

Diabetic Eye Disease
Diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness in the 20-64 year age group.
Diabetic Retinopathy

LenSx® Femtosecond Laser
The LenSx® Laser is the first femtosecond laser cleared by the FDA for use in cataract surgery.
LenSx® Femtosecond Laser