Possible (Yet Rare) Side Effects of Cataract Surgery

Patients who suffer from the gradually declining sight due to the development of cataracts find surgery offers them a viable way to regain vision. Modern advances in this procedure enable cataract patients to quickly see better than they may have ever before. Now performed on an outpatient basis, using minimally invasive laser procedures, cataract surgery stops the effects of cataracts permanently while also enabling doctors to correct other vision problems in the same maneuver.

Most people who undergo cataract surgery find the procedure is fast, relatively painless, and comes with an exceptionally short recovery time. In fact, most people are back at their normal routines in no time at all. That said, however, there are some side effects that are possible. They are extremely rare, but patients should be aware of them. After all, cataract removal is a surgical procedure and that, in and of itself, comes with the potential for occasional problems.

Here are some of the possible, but rare, side effects associated with cataract surgery:

  • Eye infections – These are very rare because antibiotics are given before, during and after surgery. Even so, some people may develop infections.
  • Swelling – Some people suffer swelling or fluid on their retinas. This is highly treatable.
  • Bleeding – It is possible for bleeding inside the eye to occur, but also quite rare.
  • Retinal detachment – This complication is considered highly uncommon, but it can occur. If it does, it must be treated immediately.
  • Drooping of the eyelid – This problem may also arise, but is not commonly reported. It is treatable.
  • Astigmatism – Should this issue arise it can be treated with glasses or surgery. It involves the distortion of images courtesy of a curved cornea.

Cataract surgery is a vision-saver. While complications may occur, they are not likely. Total loss of vision — and therefore quality of life — due to cataracts is very probable, should cataracts be left untreated.

To find out more about the benefits of cataract surgery, contact us today. Our experienced eye surgeons will discuss all possible complications at the time of your consult. But, rest assured, the majority of patients who undergo cataract surgery find themselves seeing better and feeling great in no time at all, with little to no side effects from the surgery. 

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