Posterior Capsular Haze procedure at The Eye Center in Columbia

South Carolina, October 5, 2022 – The Eye Center has earned its name as one of the best eye care providers in South Carolina. It boasts of the latest technology surgical procedures conducted by renowned ophthalmologists in the country. One of these technologically enhanced surgeries is the posterior capsular haze procedure, which permanently removes cloudy vision from patient’s eyes after cataract surgery. This procedure has been performed on many patients with very desirable outcomes.
“We use YAG laser to treat post-capsular haze,” explained Dr. Clary. “During YAG Capsulotomy, the patient’s eye is mildly dilated to allow the YAG laser to create a clear opening behind the capsular bag for the patient to look through. We’ve managed to permanently restore clear vision for many of our patients using this innovative procedure.”
When performing cataract surgery, the surgeon opens the front part of the protective barrier protecting the back of the eye. They use it to remove the lens and replace it with an intraocular lens implant.
The Eye Center performs YAG Capsulotomy in minutes. It is a quick and less painful surgical procedure with no restrictions. The Eye Center’s ophthalmologists are highly trained and experienced to ensure successful surgical outcomes. For years, they’ve been able to restore patients’ vision permanently through this procedure.
Every patient is treated with compassion in a warm and welcoming environment. The Eye Center keeps up with the latest technological advancements to ensure high levels of patient outcomes. After surgery, patients will return for a follow-up checkup in two weeks to monitor the progress of the procedure.
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