See How Easy It Is To Treat Dry Eyes with LipiFlow!

Do your eyes feel dry? Do they itch, sting, or water excessively? You may be experiencing dry eye disease, a common syndrome of eye irritation ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. This disease can also cause blurred vision or redness in the eyes. The Eye Center – a Columbia, SC, eye clinic – now offers a solution called LipiFlow for moderate to severe dry eyes.

Why do I have dry eye disease?

  • Your tear production may be insufficient.
  • Your tears may not be the right mixture of water, oil, and mucus.
  • Your medications may be interfering with tear production.
  • Fluctuations in the environment (humidity, temperature, or pollution) may be drying your eyes out.

Thankfully, diagnosing dry eye disease is simple and can be done in your Columbia, SC Ophthalmology office. There are many solutions for dry eye disease, but only LipiFlow addresses the cause. If you are experiencing moderate to severe dry eye disease, seek to treat the cause rather than merely soothe the symptoms.

How Does LipiFlow Work?

First, your doctor will have to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for LipiFlow treatment. Once approved, your treatment will be done through a quick and easy procedure in-office.

  • Your doctor applies a thermal pulsator to your eyelids.
  • The pulsator heats your inner eyelids and stimulates them.
  • Your eyelids release vital lipids (oils) from your Meibomian glands.
  • Now unblocked, those glands can resume proper tear production.
  • You no longer have dry eyes!


You don’t have to tolerate dry, itchy eyes. Don’t let your vision blur or your eyes redden when a quick and easy solution is available. Find proper dry eye treatment in Columbia, SC, and say goodbye to eye discomfort!

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