One of the most common symptoms that seem to bring patients to the eye doctor is dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome varies from minor, occasional discomfort to frequent pain which can be debilitating. ​The Eye Center is dedicated to providing real solutions to minimize the symptoms of dry eyes.

Dry eyes are often characterized by irritated, stinging, scratchy eyes, but can also cause excessive tearing. It can cause a feeling of grit in the eyes, redness and blurred vision. The condition can be diagnosed easily and painlessly through a comprehensive eye exam. It is also common to notice fluctuations and changes in vision with dry eye.

Essentially, dry eyes are caused by inadequate tear production. Tears are formed of three components: oil, water, and mucus. Some people either do not make enough tears, or make tears that do not have the correct balance. Environmental factors, like temperature, humidity, and pollution, can cause dry eyes, as can eyelid problems and certain medications. Some diseases effect tear production a well, as does the aging process.

LipiFlow® treats the leading cause of evaporative dry eye, not just the symptoms. LipiFlow is a procedure that has been shown to help moderate to severe dry eye patients achieve long term relief from their symptoms. The procedure is quick, virtually painless, and takes place in our office. A thermal pulsator delivers controlled heat to inner layer of the eyelids releasing lipids (oil) from blocked Meibomian glands. By unblocking the glands with the revolutionary thermal pulsation technology, the body can resume its natural production of oil and keep the eyes lubricated. Many patients experience significant relief from dry eye symptoms.

However in order to appropriately screen patients, a dry eye evaluation is ​performed.

  • The oil glands are evaluated.
  • The tear osmolality is determined.
  • The lids and cornea are examined for disease that may contribute to the underlying dry eye disease.
  • An instrument called a tear layer interferometer, or LipiView, is used to determine the frequency and completeness of the patients' blink as well as the depth of the tear oil level.

If it is determined that you are a candidate, the procedure will be scheduled. Contact us for more information about our life-changing services. To schedule an appointment, you may call 8​03-256-0641.




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