Posterior Capsular Haze (YAG)

YAG Capsulotomy is a quick, painless procedure, often restoring clear vision.

Eliminating Cloudy Vision After Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, the eye surgeon carefully opens the front portion of the elastic-like capsular bag that serves as a protective barrier for the back of the eye and holds the natural lens of the eye it in place. The lens is then removed through the opening and an intraocular lens implant is positioned in its place.

Following cataract surgery, some patients experience blurred or hazy vision as a result of cloudiness that develops in the capsule. This is a common condition known as posterior capsular haze that may occur weeks, months or even years after cataract surgery.

The YAG laser is used to treat post capsular haze in a procedure called YAG Capsulotomy. During the procedure, which only takes two to three minutes, the eye will be mildly dilated. The YAG laser creates a new clear opening in the back of the capsular bag for you to look through. This simple procedure often restores clear vision and will not have to be repeated in the future.

YAG Capsulotomy is a quick, painless procedure. There are no restrictions following the procedure. Most patients notice an immediate improvement in vision, while others experience a gradual improvement over several days. It is normal to notice some floaters in the days or weeks following the procedure, but these will subside with time.

We will ask you to return for a checkup within one to two weeks after treatment.

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