The Best in Laser Vision Correction Offered by The Eye Center in Columbia

Columbia, SC, January 10, 2022: We are thrilled to announce that The Eye Center offers the best laser vision correction procedures in Columbia! Our highly trained and skilled ophthalmologists utilize a wide range of modern technology to ensure that every patient obtains the best visual outcomes.
Before determining a treatment plan, patients are first evaluated and receive a comprehensive eye screening and examination. This evaluation and screening process helps our ophthalmologists verify if a patient’s underlying condition would hinder the best results.
The ultimate goal of laser surgery is to minimize dependence on corrective lenses. While additional information will be provided to patients, we recommend that you come to our center with any questions and concerns. Our ophthalmologists will address all before proceeding with the procedure. Depending on your needs, we might recommend one of these laser vision correction surgeries:

  • Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)
  • Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

The two surgeries reshape the cornea with an ultraviolet light beam.
At The Eye Center, we utilize the latest VISX excimer laser. This offers CustomVue treatments. This modern technology utilizes a patient’s profile to measure and address imperfection of the eye twenty-five times more accurately than the conventional method.

In patients with near-sightedness, the laser flattens the steep cornea, while in far-sighted eyes, the laser steepens a flat cornea. Problems such as hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism can be addressed with either LASIK or PRK, and these procedures offer similar vision correction outcomes. Nevertheless, each procedure has different approaches, drawbacks, and benefits.
In PRK surgery, our ophthalmologists remove the epithelium. They also use the laser for reshaping the stromal section of the cornea. The epithelium often heals within seven days of the surgery. In LASIK surgery, our ophthalmologists create a flap in the cornea utilizing a small blade or a unique type of laser.

Do you want to opt-in for laser vision correction? One of our trained and highly skilled specialists will help determine the type of procedure that is right for you. For more inquiries and consultation, visit today!
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