The Eye Center Has New Treatment for Glaucoma

The Eye Center Now Offers Kahook Dual Blade Treatment for Glaucoma Patients
Columbia, S.C, – The Eye Center remains at the forefront of merging new technology with the highest standards in patient care, overall improving health outcomes for their patients.  In addition to the other cutting edge services offered by the center, they now have added Kahook Dual Blade technology to their treatment for their glaucoma patients.
Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can leave patients with severe vision loss or blindness if left untreated. It is caused by diseased tissue blocking the drainage ducts so that fluid is unable to drain from the eye. The build-up of the excess fluid increases pressure in the eye, which can damage the optic nerve. The Eye Center is extremely experienced in treating glaucoma with the latest procedures proven to be safe and effective for their patients.
The newest addition, Kahook Dual Blade treatment, is designed to improve glaucoma patient outcomes in goniotomy procedures. Goniotomy involves removing the diseased tissue that has been blocking fluid from draining out of the eye. The Kahook Dual Blade technology is proven to reduce the risk of complications and improve patients’ post-operative recovery experiences.
The Kahook Dual Blade is a single-use, high-tech ophthalmic blade that can be used in standalone goniotomies or those performed in conjunction with a cataract procedure. The blade has a narrow, long shaft to ease access to the eye’s anterior chamber. The dual blade design lets surgeons make simultaneous incisions to the diseased tissue, making removal easier.
The blade design speeds up the goniotomy procedure, making it quick and relatively painless. It reduces the risks of infections or leaks and alleviates the need for any sutures. Patients have reported a quicker recovery time using this blade than in other glaucoma treatments. With the Eye Center surgeons, patients can expect their intraocular pressure to be released with much more precise and targeted incisions. This increase in precision and ability to make simultaneous incisions are two of the major innovations the Kahook Dual Blade brings to glaucoma treatment.
The Eye Center continues to prove its dedication to high-quality care for all their patients. Before any procedure, surgeons at The Eye Center examine a patient’s diagnosis and medical history, working with the patient to provide the best treatment options for them.
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