The Eye Center is Pleased to Offer The New FDA approved Alcon AcrySof® IQ Vivity® Extended Range of

Different from the technologies used by all other IOLs in the market

Columbia, SC, May 5, 2022 – The Eye Center, located in Columbia, South Carolina, is committed to bringing excellent vision to their patients. They have officially launched the new FDA-approved Alcon AcrySof® IQ Vivity® Extended Range of Vision Intraocular Lens.
Cataracts are a widespread cause of blindness globally, and the United States is presumed to reach five million cataract surgeries by 2025, and that number will continue to grow. This new lens is going towards the aging popularity suffering from cataracts to bring hope and clear vision. Even those who have not previously qualified for cataract surgery are candidates. Individuals who have received the Vivity lens have experienced 20/20 and 20/25 vision.
Vivity provides quality vision from far off and sharp close-up vision. By introducing the lens that will restore their patient’s vision and bring improved living, The Eye Center proves their dedication to meeting their patient’s needs.
Cataracts are a common type of eye problem in any age group. As the condition develops, vision becomes cloudy, and light is not able to properly pass through the eyes, making things difficult to see. Though age is the common cause, cataracts can also come from diabetes and eye trauma.
The Eye Center doctors are board-certified, have met the highest standards, and are experts in diagnosing and treating eye diseases and conditions. This experience and skill level ensure that their patients receive the best possible care. They offer a range of procedures, from cataract surgery to laser vision correction, and their surgeons have a proven track record of success. As a result, patients can be confident that they are in good hands when they come to The Eye Center for any need.
About The Eye Center
The Eye Center is the leading refractive practice in South Carolina, providing full service eye care and specializing in Refractive Surgery – Lasik, AST, PRK, PRELEX, as well as Corneal Transplant and Cataract Surgery.

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