The Eye Center Now Offers the Vivity® Intraocular Lens

The doctors at The Eye Center discuss the new Vivity® intraocular lens, a new option for the treatment of cataracts.

The skilled ophthalmologists at The Eye Center in Columbia are excited to announce that they are now offering a new option for patients who experience cataracts and are considering cataract surgery in Columbia, SC. The recently FDA-approved Alcon AcrySof IQ Vivity® is the first range of multifocal intraocular lenses in the United States to offer a non-diffractive extended depth of focus, which helps to improve patients’ vision at both close and far distances.

The Vivity® intraocular lens creates an extended focal range in the eye with the use of X-Wave technology, which shifts and stretches the wavefront into several different focal points. This revolutionary advancement in cataract treatment in Columbia, SC allows the artificial lens to use all of the light available in an area, which helps patients to maintain the same visual quality offered by a monofocal intraocular lens. The advantage over a monofocal lens is immediate sharper vision at all distance ranges, near and far.

Patients concerned about the glare that usually comes along with cataract surgery in Columbia, SC will be happy to hear that Vivity® will not show any increased glare once it is implanted. This makes this intraocular lens an ideal choice for those with active lifestyles, or for those who have hobbies or jobs that require focusing on objects that are close to the eyes.

The new Vivity® intraocular lens is often also a good option for those who wish to receive cataract treatment in Columbia, SC, but are not good candidates for traditional options due to conditions such as macular puckers, macular degeneration, and several others. If you have a condition that makes traditional options for cataract surgery unfeasible, ask your doctor at a Columbia eye center if Vivity® might work for you.

The experienced and skilled ophthalmologists at The Eye Center have been offering many options for both cataract treatment and cataract surgery for years, and Vivity® is just one of their newest offerings. To learn more about this revolutionary cataract treatment, or to get more information on all of your treatment options, contact the doctors at this Columbia eye center and make an appointment today.

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