The Eye Center Offers Advanced Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment In Columbia, SC

Have you been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy? The Eye Center is excited to inform you about our advanced diabetic retinopathy treatments.

Beyond the awareness of how severe diabetic retinopathy can be, our trained and qualified eye doctors in Columbia, SC, are experienced in administering tailored treatment to diabetic patients.

Before administering treatments, our qualified doctors carry out a medical eye examination to detect changes in your eye. They dilate the pupils and check inside the eye with special lenses and equipment.

For diabetic patients in their early stages, we do not recommend any treatment. However, we often encourage regular eye exams to monitor their condition. This close monitoring involves strict regulation of blood sugar, but for advanced cases, treatment options include:

●       Photocoagulation- Photocoagulation is a laser treatment for addressing advanced diabetic retinopathy treatment. Experts perform photocoagulation to slow or stop the leaking of fluid or blood in the eye.

●       Parental Photocoagulation- This is another advanced diabetic retinopathy treatment that is popularly known as scatter laser treatment. This treatment shrinks the abnormal blood vessels.

●       Vitrectomy- As a surgical procedure, this treatment option utilizes a tiny incision to remove blood from the vitreous and scar tissue. Then, the blood-filled vitreous is replaced with a clear solution.

●       Injection- In some cases, our physicians might recommend medication injection – an excellent option to other advanced treatments. This injection is administered to halt the growth of new blood vessels.

If you have been looking for a reputable center to receive advanced treatments to restore your vision, you no longer need to search! The Eye Center in Columbia, SC, is home to a team of caring and dedicated eye doctors locals swear by. Our doctors deeply care about your health and will communicate clearly with you throughout your treatment.

To learn more about the advanced treatments and confirm which one will be best for you, visit and schedule an appointment today!

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