The Eye Center Offers Complete Surgical Eye Care

When considering Lasik or other eye operations, there is much more to the process than just the actual procedure. Before surgery an evaluation is in order so that a patient can fully understand why he/she is a good candidate, what the procedure involves and very importantly, what kind of post-op care should be administered. Once the surgery is done, it is then essential to have follow-up visits to ensure the eye is healing properly and to ensure the patient knows how to care for their post-surgical eye.

The Eye Center of Columbia, SC is proud to provide its patients with pre-evaluation screening as well as post-operative care for its Lasik and other eye surgeries. Their mission is to provide complete eye treatment from start to finish and give the citizens of Columbia, SC the best in Lasik, cataract, and glaucoma surgery.

For a person needing cataract treatment or wanting Lasik surgery to see better without glasses, calling an eye treatment center is often the first step. And when that call is placed to The Eye Center, the process starts with a pre-operative evaluation.

With the first appointment, the team at the facility will talk with the potential patient to determine if he/she is a good candidate for the procedure being considered. From there, preparation before surgery, the steps involved in the actual procedure, and the post-operative expectations will all be discussed. Also, during the pre-op evaluation, risks and recovery times and expectations will be presented.

Once it is determined that the individual is a good candidate, preparation instructions will be given and surgery will be scheduled. The Eye Center wants to ensure all of its patients have the needed information and they are fully prepared for their upcoming surgery.

Once surgery has been completed, the team at The Eye Center will provide post-operative instructions. Expected recovery times, as well as long-term prognosis, are all discussed. Follow up appointments are also scheduled.

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The Eye Center is the leading refractive practice in South Carolina, providing full service eye care and specializing in Refractive Surgery – Lasik, AST, PRK, PRELEX, as well as Corneal Transplant and Cataract Surgery.

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