The Eye Center Offers New Technology for Cataract Surgery

The Eye Center now uses LenSx Femtosecond Laser Procedure
Columbia, S.C, – The Eye Center continues to be a leader in setting the industry standards for vision care in Columbia, SC. Now they offer the latest in vision correction technology: the LenSx Femtosecond Laser.
Cataracts form as a cloudiness on the natural lens of the eye. Traditional cataract surgery is performed through manual incision and removal of the natural lens. The natural lens is replaced with a manufactured lens, and the result is a clearer vision and reduced reliance on glasses or contacts.
This laser offers increased precision allowing for more customized corrective treatment. In cataract surgery, each individual’s eye has to be measured and mapped for a successful procedure to decrease the patient’s dependence on glasses. The LenSx laser has advanced technology that increases the accuracy of these measurements. It pulses a laser in femtoseconds to make the incisions in the cornea, lens capsule, and crystalline lens.
The Eye Center knows the many advantages of the LenSx laser can improve patient experiences and outcomes. The bladeless incision increases the reliability and consistency of each incision. The laser centralizes the opening where the cataract is removed, which reduces complications after surgery. Because the Eye Center treats patients with astigmatism, the LenSx laser provides sharper vision after surgery. The cataract is pulverized by the laser to make removing it easier. This can reduce patient healing times and quicker vision stabilizing.
The Eye Center’s surgeons still remove the cataract with traditional ultrasound, but using the LenSx laser, the incisions are created, and the cataract is broken into tiny pieces for much quicker and easier removal. For patients with significant astigmatism, The Eye Center knows that this procedure is particularly effective.
The Eye Center has regularly treated cataract patients since its inception. By always looking to provide the highest quality eye care and the best treatment outcomes possible for their patients, it’s not surprising The Eye Center is among the first to offer LenSx femtosecond laser treatment.
With this new procedure, patients may experience better outcomes, reduced healing times, and clearer vision. The Eye Center recommends patients consult with their ophthalmologist before undergoing any surgical procedures to identify the one that best fits their vision needs.
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