The Eye Center’s Dr. Clary was the First to Implant the New PanOptix IOL in the Midlands

Dr. Clary explains how the Panoptix IOL Implant has benefited patients in the Midlands.
South Carolina, June 11, 2022 – Dr. Clary was the first cataract implant specialist to perform the Panoptix IOL implant procedure in a patient in the Midlands. Panoptix IOL technology has been a breakthrough treatment for patients with eye cataracts.
The Panoptix IOL drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 2019. Since then, it has been a success. Alcon, a parent company in Switzerland, has followed the success of this drug and found that many patients who’ve already had the cataract treatment would choose Panoptix IOL again.
“Panoptix IOL is one of the greatest medical miracles in the modern eye cataract surgery,” says Dr. Clary. “The once presumed risky procedure is now a standard procedure used to improve patients’ quality of life each year.”
Since its introduction, this lens implant procedure has shown great promise for eye cataract patients. Panoptix IOL gas managed to correct many people’s vision at all distances. Those who’ve benefited from the treatment have forgotten about corrective lenses except when carrying out detailed tasks like reading for longer periods. Dr. Clary has been at the forefront of performing this miracle.
Cataract surgery is now common, with more than two million lens and cataract implant procedures performed each year. Intraocular lenses have been used for over fifty years to restore people’s vision after removing their lenses.
Dr. Matthew Clary is a cataract treatment specialist in Columbia. SC. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist who currently works as the Chairman of Ophthalmology for Providence Hospital. He joined The Eye Center in 2008 and has performed over 12,000 cataract surgeries in the Midlands.
“With the Panoptix IOL technology, we’ve been able to give eye patients in Midlands a hope for better vision,” continued the doctor. “People can now walk glasses-free after a successful, pain-free surgery.”
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